About Us

SD-FRAC is a group of concerned citizens in Athens County with the goal to inform about fracking and wastewater injection, to encourage public discussion about it in Athens County, and to work toward a moratorium of fracking until proper regulation is in place and better knowledge about the risks and benefits of fracking and wastewater injection is available.

Hydraulic fracturing, a.k.a. fracking, is touted as a safe and convenient way to solve our energy crisis. However, there’s growing concern that fracking and wastewater injection cause major environmental problems and disruption.

While the gas industry is eagerly going from door to door to convince land owners to sign away their mineral rights, not much of a public debate has taken place about the risks and benefits of fracking and of injecting the wastewater into underground wells. This website is part of an attempt to get such a public debate going and to provide a platform for information, discussion, and exchange about this issue in Athens County.

There are many controversial opinions about fracking, but a common-sense approach would dictate that a large-scale technology, no matter how promising it may be, should not go ahead until it has undergone some proper risk assessment. This, however, has not yet happened in the case of fracking.

Instead, fracking has been turned into a large-scale industry, quickly extracting oil and gas from beneath the earth while producing large quantities of toxic and radioactive wastewater that cannot be put back into the freshwater cycle. Athens County and other parts of Appalachian Ohio have become the dumping ground for frackwater from all over the place. As earthquakes, caused by frackwater injection, are on the rise, we must ask what the impact of these injection wells on our underground drinking water sources will be.

We welcome contributions, comments, and a lively debate.


One response to “About Us

  1. There is an interesting article in Scientific American about fracking:
    I recommend it to anyone who is considering signing a lease.

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